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Welcome to Lili & Maddi!

Sending out a huge thank-you to everyone who's been so supportive of our launch over the past several weeks! 

For our first blog post, we thought it only made sense to provide a little history on how we got started. 

Lili & Maddi scarves stand for courage and hope.  Both Lori and Jonathan believe strongly in a sense of community, and it was their own loss a few years ago that helped to inspire this recent business venture. They have felt the warmth and support of such great people in their own community and wanted to be able to “give back” in some way. The driving force behind their passion is their commitment to donate a portion of profits from each scarf to the Neonatal Unit at The Moncton Hospital near their home in New Brunswick.  They plan to donate via the "Butterfly Wings Foundation" (Les Ailes du Papillon), an amazing Foundation started by their friend, Isabelle Bujold.  Read more at:

Wearing a Lili & Maddi scarf will not only make people look good, but it will also make them feel good, knowing that a portion of the sales from these scarves will be going directly to help sick babies and help them in their fight to live a healthy, happy life in communities as great as our own.  

Thank-you for reading our story. ♥

Tomorrow is #FashionFriday , be sure to check back for our newest scarf release! 


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