Isa-Bella Leclair: Beauty Isn't Just on the Outside

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A powerful image submitted to The Lymphie Life ( ) blog by 19-year old Isa-Bella Leclair of Campbellton, New Brunswick went viral earlier this month.  In this image, one of Isa-Bella’s legs is swollen to twice the size of the other as a result of having Parkes Weber Syndrome.  The message on this image (shown below) reads, “I won’t let anyone dim my sunshine because they are blinded I’ll tell them to put on some sunglasses cause I was born this way”.  The message portrays Isa-Bella’s positive outlook and body confidence which is further exemplified in the answers we received when catching up with her:           

Do you think industry "beauty standards" are diminishing or becoming more prominent? 

I really think that “beauty standards” and diminishing, you’re seeing so many pictures of girls and guys accepting and loving their body! I think there’s a point in your life when you have to stop trying to change your appearance and just start to accept and love ALL your body and for me that time just came at a really young age! 

In her essay to “The Lymphie Life” Isa-Bella quotes, “For me, confidence is the most important part, because when people see someone confident in their body—even with a handicap—they don’t have pity but instead admiration, and that’s when you have the chance to be a good influence and change the standards of beauty.”

What advice would you give to parents with sick children to help give them a positive outlook? 

The best way you can help you children is really to love them unconditionally and not treat them any differently than other kids! Also not telling them their limits but really letting them find them by [themselves]. A huge thing also is not being too protective, if someone comes and asks what your kid has let them answer, it will help with their confidence!

And one important piece of advice I can give also is love everyone, try [to] see the best in even people you may not be best friends with. Living a positive life is a choice, your choice!

Keep shining and inspiring others, Isa-Bella! 

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