What is a Lili & Maddi Fundraiser all about?  

Lili & Maddi Scarf Co, is a Canadian owned FUNDRAISING company specializing in something NEW...Scarves, which never go out of style!  We add a simple, fresh and unique approach to fundraising and we have been helping teams achieve their fundraising goals since 2014.  Lili & Maddi Scarf company has one of the "best team fundraisers" going!  

Lili & Maddi is not your 'average' fundraiser as customers are getting a quality scarf they can enjoy for years to come,  at an excellent price.  In addition, each customer will also get "value-added" in knowing that a portion of profits from each scarf sold at Lili & Maddi will be helping a wonderful not-for-profit charity (The Butterfly Wings Foundation).  Lili & Maddi is a pay-it-forward kind of company!  Read more about our cause & mission at:


So, how does it work?   We provide each participant with a bilingual scarf Catalogue & Order Forms, which they can use to sell to friends/family/teachers over a 2-3 week selling period. We then donate 30% of the total sales (pre-tax) back to the team.  (See FAQ's below for more details)

  • Scarves are a great quality & price ($20 - $35 range...taxes in).
  • Average commission for a team with 15 participants is $1350
  • Prize incentives offered to encourage sales (min.10 participants) 


Here’s a few examples of what some parents had to say:

"Certainly couldn't ask for a better company to fundraise with.  Lori is so thoughtful and helpful. The scarves are amazing quality and fantastic prices! We will definitely be contacting again when we're ready as a group to do this team fundraiser for the 3rd time Thanks for everything you do!" - Angela, Amherst, NS


"It's our second time around fundraising with Lili & Maddi and Lori is always there to help you and guide you. The scarves are beautiful (perfect for a special gift) and it makes for a different kind of fundraiser with a good return to the team. Thanks again Lori!!" - Renee, Dance Chaos, Moncton, NB


"Lili & Maddi is a fantastic company to fundraise with! The scarves were very reasonably priced, great quality and they came in a timely manner. Lori is very organized and extremely easy to work with. Would highly recommend Lili & Maddi for your next group fundraiser!!" - Bethany Coffin, UNB Nursing Grad Class



Interested or wish to REGISTER? 

   Fundraising Teams/groups will be confirmed on a “first-come” basis.   



Fall Fundraisers begin Oct 1st and Spring Fundraisers begin March 1st.   Scarves make great gifts (Xmas/Mother's Day) and we make it a priority to deliver in time for both these occasions whenever possible.



1.  Are there any start-up costs/risks to our team/group?   No.  We cover the costs of all catalogues/order forms & for shipping/delivery of scarf order.  This is what makes our fundraiser so easy & risk-free.

2.  How long does it take to get our scarves?  Typically it takes 2 weeks from the time we receive the money/order forms to get the scarves back to you.  For Xmas orders we ask that all money/orders be handed in by Nov 30th.

3.  What is the best time of year to Fundraise?  Fall is a popular & busy time for Fundraising for many sports teams and it's also an excellent time for selling scarves as they do make the perfect gift for Xmas.  Our Fall Fundraisers start Oct 1st each year.  Spring is also another popular time to fundraise for summer sports and our Spring Fundraisers start March 1st and wrap up approx. 3 weeks prior to Mother's Day.

4.  What type of teams/groups use your fundraisers?  Basically ANYONE who needs to raise money can use our fundraisers.  We have done fundraisers for as few as 1 or 2 individuals and for as many as 180 participants for our school fundraisers.

Lili & Maddi Scarf Company is most popular for its SPORTS TEAM fundraisers such as:  ringette, hockey, swimming, skating, dance, gymnastics, cheer, synchronized skating/swimming, majorettes, basketball, softball, rowing, soccer.  And we help all levels:  local, provincial, national and Canada Games teams achieve their fundraising goals.

Other GROUPS who have used our fundraiser in the past include:  Relay 4 Life groups (cancer fundraiser), Run for the cure (Breast cancer fundraiser), Daycare fundraisers (for toys & equipment), Grad class fundraisers (for Prom), school fundraisers (for playground equipment or special events), hospital fundraisers & charity groups, school orchestras, musical groups, business & office fundraisers to raise money for their own local charities...  the list is endless.  If you need to raise money, Lili & Maddi Scarf Company offers a unique & easy fundraising idea that can help your team achieve its financial goals. 

5.  How do the Prizes work?  Prizes are only offered for groups of at least 10 participants with a minimum of $1500 in sales, and for sales >$4000 prizes double in value.  Prizes are offered to TOP 3 sellers in the group and include things such as:  Cash prizes, Movie gift cards & Tim Horton's/Subway gift cards.  They offer a terrific incentive for the sellers, particularly with sports teams/young sellers.  We find this motivates them tremendously and we have received great feedback for our prize incentive program from past teams doing a Lili & Maddi fundraiser.

6.  What type of Products are in your Catalogue?  Our catalogue consists mainly of scarves (both lighter scarves and heavier/winter scarves, ranging in price from $20 -$35, tax included).  However, in Fall we also offer a "Stocking Stuffer" section inside our catalogue, consisting of other items such as socks, mittens etc...all prized at $20 (some are in bundles of 3).  This offers something for those who don't necessarily wish to purchase a scarf but whom want to support the fundraiser and everyone can use socks & mitts!  

7.  How do people pay for the scarves?   As mentioned above, all prices in the catalogue INCLUDE tax which makes for very easy calculation & collection of money.  And customers can pay direct to the seller with cash or cheque at the time of placing their order.  We also accept VISA/MC, however, there is a 5% processing fee which will be charged to their card at the time of processing.  Should customers wish to pay by credit card they simply provide their PHONE NUMBER to the seller on the Order Form in space provided and we will contact the customer directly by phone to get their credit card information so there is no risk of their information being lost/stolen.  Another way we make this fundraiser easy for you!